Value-Added Services: Fixtures for CableEye® Testers


Doyle has partnered with CAMI Research Inc. to provide the following services for users of CableEye® cable and wire harness test equipment.

  • Single Block or Multi-Block Panels
  • 100% Electrically Tested by CableEye Test Equipment
  • Single Blocks Mounted on QuickMountTM Housing
  • Includes Detailed, CableEye Test Report
  • All Fixtures Ship with CableEye Connector Graphics Files for Professional Quality Graphics Display of Connectors and Cables
  • Panels Ship with 64-pin Headers and CableEye PinMapTM file for Auto-Detect Plug and Play Operation

CableEye®, the CableEye Logo, PinMap™, Connector Designer™, and QuickMount™, are Registered Trademarks of CAMI Research Inc.


CAMI Research, Doyle Manufacturing Form Strategic Partnership

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October 30, 2019

ACTON, MA–CAMI Research Inc. and Doyle Manufacturing Inc. have formed a strategic partnership. It will enable users of CAMI’s popular CableEye system to access value-added services that are mapped, electrically tested and ready to use.

CableEye is a diagnostic cable and wire harness test system that’s PC-based. It’s used for assembly, prototyping, production and quality control applications by manufacturers around the world in a wide variety of industries. Doyle is a custom machine shop based in Bristol, IN, that specializes in pogo pin test plugs, production connectors and continuity testing fixtures.

“Doyle’s core competency aligns perfectly with the need for low insertion force, plug and play, CableEye test interface fixtures,” says Christopher Strangio, president of CAMI Research. “Doyle blocks are CNC machined for the highest quality and accuracy and are available with a range of functionality, including pneumatic release lock blocks and electric solenoid release lock blocks for quality assurance.

“All of these block functions can be monitored and controlled by CableEye’s out-of-the-box automation capabilities,” claims Strangio. “Doyle will offer value-added services to CableEye users, providing design and manufacture of single or multi-block panels that are 100 percent electrically tested by CableEye and include a detailed test report.

“CableEye users can now contact Doyle Manufacturing to develop test interface solutions for their production environment,” notes Strangio. “This partnership offers strong support for our businesses.”

The versatility of the CableEye system is impressive,” adds Myron Miller, president of Doyle Manufacturing. “We are excited to partner with CAMI Research and provide custom, user friendly, pogo pin test fixtures for CableEye users. I see this as a win for all parties.